Imperial Slum Ship 2013. Sculptural installation 43rd S(I)NA. Medellín, Colombia. 425 x 250 x 160cms. (ship). Wood, light, found materials.

Tropical Space Proyectos

Tropical Space Proyectos is a series of sculptural installations, drawings and diagrams that deal with the effects of the Cold War in El Salvador and Central America as well as with the disparities between social classes and between First and Third Worlds.
The "Space Race" between the Soviet Union and The United States of America which developed during the 1950s - 80s saw both superpowers engage in a military power confrontation (disguised as a scientific and technological competition) for world supremacy, one that was also played in smaller and suddenly significant scenarios like El Salvador, which became "Proxy Wars".
These capsules, the first of which was Sputnik (both in the Space Race and in these series of works) are parodies, wannabe spacecrafts, forced and playful fusion of opposites: out of this world technology recreated with materials and methods of construction that come from informal architecture. They portray Central America as a region with dreams of technological progress and modernity that is caught in it's own cultural, social and economic limitations, however, one that is not devoid of humor and creativity. These works speak of Central American history and its relation to World and Space exploration history but on another level, they also speak of human isolation and how on today's highly technological societies despite the illusion of social interaction by means of digital technology. 

Sputnik Z-011. Object. 59 cms. Ø + crash landing track. El Zonte Beach, El Salvador. 2011 

 Sputnik Z-011. Installed at El Zonte Beach, La Libertad, El Salvador. 2011

Sputnik Z011. Project Sketch. Graphite on paper. 2011. Courtesy: Galerie Ernst Hilger
Sputnik Z-011. Object. 59 cms. Ø x 200 cms. Found materials. 2011. Installation at MARTE Museum, El Salvador.

Tropical Mercury Capsule. Project sketch. Graphite on paper. 18 x 26 cms. 2012
Tropical Mercury Capsule. Wood, metal roofing sheets, T.V. light, found materials. 180 cms. Ø x 290 cms. 2012. Installation at MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El Salvador (2012-2013)

Tropical Mercury Capsule
Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM) Permanent Collection, gift of Mario Cader Frech and Robert Wennet

Installation at PAMM for the show Global Positioning Systems, curated by René Morales. 2014-2015

Tropical Mercury Capsule, Cockpit (detail)

Korabl-Sputnik. Project study for Third World Sputnik. Crayon on paper. 50 x 70 cms. 2013. courtesy: Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna.

Third World Sputnik. Metal frame, cloth, plastic, light, T.V. sound, cut aluminum cans, found objects. 140 cms. Ø x 240 cms.
 Installation at the 55th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy, 2013

Third World Sputnik. Capsule detail.

Third World Sputnik. Capsule interior (cockpit)
Sputnik NY-Z. Object. 120 cms. Ø x crash landing track. Metal, plastic, found wood, aluminum, found materials. 
Installation at Socrates Sculpture Park for El Museo del Barrio's "The S-Files" Biennial, New York. 2012

Monument to the Third World International. Stools, ladder, discarded wood, paper, plastic, found objects. 2011
Installation at Arlington Arts Center, Virginia, USA.

                               Trash Wars

Imperium Slum Ship Vienna
Wood, cardboard, plastic, found materials, light
120 x 120 x 250cms. + track
Installation at Hilger Next Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Trash Wars is a series of sculptures, drawings and a print portfolio that is based on the science fiction saga "Star Wars". These works parody the immense and futuristic space ships and vehicles that represent the technological and military power of the dark, fascist Galactic Empire. in this case however the Empire is that of the Third World. These works portray, in a humorous way, the disproportioned fear and apprehension that some citizens of Europe and the United States feel towards their southerly and extremely poor neighboring nations. The works confront issues of exploitation, post-colonization, migration and intolerance.

Above: Trash Wars Print Portfolio

Boxed set of six prints, limited edition of 50
produced by Imprenta Carini, Italy for Galerie Hilger Next, Vienna, Austria

Below: Imperial Slum Ship
Wood, cardboard, plastic, roofing sheets, found materials, light
140 x 200 x 500 cms.
Installation at Edificio La Naviera for the 43rd International Artist Salon, Medellín, Colombia